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Introduction: People use languages all over the world to communicate with each other. They use their different languages in order to convey their feelings, emotions, and messages etc to others. Those different languages include different word, structures, idiom etc. the languages that people use all over the world are characterized by their ability to be productive and renewable. Languages occasionally renew their ability to survive in the world through the new vocabulary and structure added to it. Even when language stands as a barrier between people from different countries or cultures, they are able to communicate with each others using signals. The deaf also communicate with each other using sign language. Hence, there is no doubt that…show more content…
Only one word every now and then can be hearted. Official or formal speech is always free from such code-Switching. When people in the past wanted to show their good education, they always stuck to a single language during conversation. Now a days, the matter is totally different. Code-switching is used as a means to show off. It is used to leave the listener with an impression that the speaker is well-educated. Another reason for code switching is that some people use it to distinguish themselves from others. The action of code switching may imply a certain social status. A third reason form code switching is that people may switch code in order to change the topic they are discussing. All the previous reasons make people switch code during conversation but has any one ever thought of the characteristics of code switching? Code switching as a characterized by different features which are applicable on the every day language use. First, the mixed elements include all the grammatical organization such as nouns, verbs, adjectives…etc. second, the mixed elements are not necessarily “culture bond”. They are mostly from day to day life. Third, the mixed elements are used in avoidance to their original language rules. There are also three different types of code switching. They are intra- lexical, intra-sentential and involving a change in

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