Did George Washington Become An American Leader?

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George Washington, a figure that is placed at the top in American history is one of the most well known leaders in America. Washington’s actions lead to the reputation he is known for today from students to scholars studying American history. Washington was the 1st President of the United States of America, general of the Continental Army during the war for independence in America from the British, and one of the founding fathers of The United States of America. How and when did he become an American leader? George Washington became an American leader as a young man. When Washington was twenty-one years old, Washington held the rank of Major in the military and was sent on a mission to deliver an ultimatum to the French during the French Indian War. He held commands throughout his life like general of the Continental Army and eventually president of the United States of America. Why…show more content…
Before the ratification of the constitution, the was the Articles of Confederations. However, there were many concerns with it like not giving enough power to the government. Washington thought that it was important for the government to have enough strength to quell the people in Shay’s rebellion because it could lead to anarchy and to keep order in the young country. The Articles of Confederations were too weak so that gave rise to the Constitution. The Constitution was a stronger document that basically set boundaries and acted as a rulebook. The people needed a strong leader, which is where Washington came in. Washington says that he was taking the position because he wanted to be a representative for his countrymen and it shows that he genuinely wanted to lead The United States to a better future because he was giving up a relaxing life on Mount Vernon for a stressful life in politics. However I also think that Washington was almost forced to the position out of sheer
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