George Washington Monuments And Memorials

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The nation’s capital, Washington, DC, is full of patriotic monuments and memorials that help all Americans better understand our country’s history. Many people in history have been significantly helpful in creating our wonderful nation, that every citizen will always be thankful for. Other than school education, these monuments and memorials help guide Americans into further studying this country’s history. The importantance of Americans learning and knowing the history of this nation, is because everyone needs to appreciate the effort and sacrificies made to help this country evolve. The monuments and memorials located in Washington, DC represent these sacrifices and given effort throughout the many years in America. In order to determine that all citizens learn and…show more content…
They are a symbol of the pride and freedom, in which, this nation holds. Without monuments we would have nothing to represent our bravery and courage of the past. That is why it is important that we protect these monuments. For example, The George Washington Monument. This particular monument is important because it honors our first president, George Washington. We should protect this monument because of how much it is able to teach us about George Washington. This prodigious man helped improve the American army in such stupendous ways. He was a superb leader to our country and greatly helped it to become what it is today. Americans see this monument as a representative of how America began. We need to protect this monument because it represents America from some of its first days to what it has enhanced to today; a country of freedom and oppurtunity. Protecting all our nations monuments is also protecting the information and stories that travel with them. Thus, concluding, we need to conserve our nation’s monuments. Memorials are a huge part of history as well. They remind people of other events or historical figures throughout history. One example of an important memorial is

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