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The Constitution that was being forced upon The United States of America was a danger to the future safety and quality of life of the country’s citizens. Some of the laws in the original Constitution were not thought through thoroughly enough and could become a hazard to the United States. The Constitution needed more time to be developed and amended to suit the needs of the people, and give them the rights that they deserved. This idea of the supporters of the Bill of Rights is clearly stated in a newspaper article from “A Plebian” of New York when he says “Some of the powers granted are dangerous; others not well defined. Amendments are necessary.”. This was the best way that the citizens of the United States could have handled the ratification…show more content…
This is demonstrated when “A Plebian” says in a newspaper article “With regards to our public and national concerns, what is there in our condition that threatens us with any immediate danger? We are at peace with all the world.”. This quote describes the feelings of the population that supported the creation, and addition, of a Bill of Rights into the Constitution. At this point in the nation's history, the United States was a brand new country that did not have any problems or arguments with any other group or country. The Federalists would argue that the nation was soon to fall into a state of chaos without the ratification of the Constitution, however there were no real threats that would lead to this state of chaos. Also the ratification of an unclear Constitution could cause just as large of a surge of fear through the nation. The delegates had the ability to spend the time to make the Constitution exactly what was needed for the new country, and what the citizens wanted. Therefore the Federalists were wrong in trying to rush the Constitution into the…show more content…
At the time the Americans did not want to be under the rule of another overpowered king, as this is the reason why they fought the revolutionary war to separate themselves from great Britain. This caused them to become too focused on the distribution of power in the hierarchy of the government, that they forgot about their own rights. This is demonstrated in a New York news article by Brutus when he says “ The common good, therefore is the end of civil government. But it is not necessary for this purpose that individuals should relinquish all their natural rights.”. This describes how everybody wants to create a perfect government system, but in doing so it is important that the citizens not let the delegates leave out their own rights. The Federalists would argue that these kinds of rights would be conveyed in the preamble of the Constitution, However the preamble only gives a small outline of rights, making it too vague and easily manipulable. This is shown for a second time in the same article when Brutus says “ Rulers have the same propensities as men; they are as likely to use the power with which they are vested for private

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