Analyzing Sharon Flake's 'So I Aint No Good Girl'

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Michaela Burnett October, 2 2015 Period 5 Ms. McFarland So I Aint No Good Girl In the story ‘’ so I aint no good girl’’, written by Sharon Flake, I felt that the author expressed the characters in the story well because, of their Actions, Thoughts, and their feelings towards other characters in the story. The narrator and Raheem are boyfriend and girlfriend in the story it tells how they love each other, fight, and argue. The red head girl tries to steal the Narrator boyfriend because; Raheem is the hottest boy in the school. On the way to school the narrator got on the bus because, Raheem said, he had things to do so he wanted her to go without him. When she got on the bus, the redhead girl quickly left the bus so the Narrator won’t see her to meet up with Raheem. The narrator found out about it and, she was sad because Raheem saw her hugging and kissing her so she decided to go to school then, after school she will cook him dinner and forget about what he did.…show more content…
The narrator strength is Raheem because, in the story it say, girls get jealous with I am around him’’ So she can get back on the redhead for liking him. The narrator talk like real people because, it’s like a relationship in real life that anyone would face. The narrator didn’t grew or change in the story because, she should of front him instead of saying ‘’I’m going to make him something nice to eat, I think. And act like I aint seen nothing at all’’. I find the narrator likeable because I feel her struggle and what she is going

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