Deployment In The Military

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“In over 9 years of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), including Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), more than 1.8 million United States service men and women have been deployed overseas (RAND Corporation2009), “ leaving behind a staggering number of loved ones, including parents, spouses, partners, and children (Louie 496). Deployment is a term used by the military meaning assigning people to serve in various locations mainly soldiers and other personnel. Active duty service members face many challenges which can be very emotional for families and soldiers throughout the deployment process. In this research, we will question what are the effects of deployment on military soldiers and families and how are they…show more content…
Devoe 185). The second stage of the emotional cycle for families is the actual deployment. The adjustment to the service member's absence impacts the entire family in many different ways. For example, “the at-home parent issues include how to deal with the practical realities of raising children and running a household, while managing worries about the parent” (Devoe 185). Similarly, a few stressors for children and teens result in a dramatic change emotionally, behaviorally and academically. Recent studies show in the article Journal of family psychology that teens were asked “Has your behavior changed since your parent has been deployed?” “Emotionally many teens reported a loss of interest in activities, social withdrawal, and loss of appetite. Behaviorally an increase in irritability and disrespectful behavior at home and school. Academically, teens reported a decline in grades due to concentration problems, less time for homework, and less supervision”(Esposito, Lemmon, Wolf, Bodzy, Swenson, and Spirto 499). As for the active duty member is concerned about the family and fears what will happen during the deployment. Deploying to a combat zone, “the meaning of goodbye is inherently complex”. In many cases, a service member struggles to tell children goodbye, because it’s so painful which results in the children becoming very curious and preoccupied with their parents whereabouts. Psychologist has described the good bye phase “as one of disorientation and mixed emotions, sometimes characterized by a sense of relief that the anticipation is finally over” (Devoe

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