Child Obesity Persuasive Essay

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Child Obesity…Has Fast Food and/or Junk Food Taken Over? “Ok ladies and gentlemen, here on today’s show with her 85lbs 5 year old son Donald, please welcome to the stage Christy”, shouts Maury Pelvich. Christy proudly walks onto stage without a care in the world that her son was overweight. The crowded booed her with no remorse. “You are no good”, “BOOOOOOO!”, “You should be ashamed of yourself”, “What kind of mother are you?”. Christy’s son being in a great deal of danger with his weight, never crossed her mind. As she sat on stage, she listed all the food she gives her son. “I feed my baby fried chicken, morning, noon, and night. When he doesn’t get his way, I give him a cup full of soda and a bag of chips and he goes right in his room…show more content…
Also a closer look on the subject of child obesity and informing individuals of the important facts can also save and prevent children from becoming obese when they reach adulthood. Parents and other prospectors can sometimes ignore many signs of obesity such as overeating at the dinner table, sneaking to get food when parents are not looking, throwing temper tantrums when someone says no to their want of food and the biggest sign of them all, eating snacks while watching numerous amount of hours of television. There are a lot of fast food restaurants that children and also adults are prone to. Such as, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Dominos, Taco Bell, KFC, etc. Hmm…just typing those franchises is making me hungry! But if you eat fast food regularly, the effects on your health can be disastrous. Studies have shown that people who eat fast food more than twice a week, can increase their chances of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and a lot of other chronic problems. A host of Fast Food and Junk Food franchises is targeting children with fun commercials and their favorite characters on bags and boxes to make the kids want it. I mean, come on…who doesn’t want Elisa and Ana from the Walt Disney’s movie “Frozen”, in their kitchen pantry. But we have to say “LET IT GOOOOOOOO!” to the unhealthy food that children are intaking into their bodies.…show more content…
The obesity epidemic in children has made room for children who do not suffer from this problem to torture and pick fun at the kids who have the issue. Children with obesity problems have been known to pretend they are sick just so they won’t have to attend school. I use to feel very self conscious of my weight as a child. I always felt like i didn’t fit in or couldn’t wear certain things like the other girls in my class because i was much thicker than them. But i took control of my health and my life. My father has Type 2 diabetes, and that was a wake up call for me to get healthier and also help him to eat better and exercise as well. The clothes never makes the person. It’s how you carry yourself, your walk, your talk, your mannerisms, your value to YOU. As always, you set the tone for how others will respect & acknowledge you. Proper nutrition allowed me to have enough energy to do school work, exercise and play. Without it, we may fall short in one of those categories. You may either find yourself unable to keep up with your own children during a race or find yourself falling asleep at work or school, not performing your best. I had a saying every morning before I went school, “Everything is going to work out for your good, don’t worry!”. What’s for you will be for you. Maintain

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