Military Philosophy Analysis

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The basis of my moral philosophy is the socially acceptable actions that general society deem virtuous and allowable. In discussing my moral philosophy, experiences from of my military and my interpersonal dealings played a big part of my moral philosophy. These experiences are based on my family upbringing and military experience that shaped my personal views played a big part of my values and my view of social acceptance. My philosophy includes strengths and weaknesses that serve its purpose both operationally and personally. As a Soldier and family man, I set the example to my family, my peers and my superiors. The shaping of my moral philosophy represents the significance of family and military experience, introspective views from E100…show more content…
It is based on the notion of profession which entails being steward of the profession, honorable service and trust for the next generation. An example of this is the mentoring of Captain Van. The HHC for the Sustainment Brigade required its annual rotation for a new commander. The Brigade Commander impressed by Captain Van interview for company command selected him for HHC Brigade. Captain Van pleasantly surprised needed assistance to prepare him for command. Based upon my observation, I offered my assistance to prepare him for command. I shared with him my extensive knowledge of property management, interpersonal skills to manage a headquarters staff and holding fellow officers accountable for their actions. He quickly assimilated all the information into his command philosophy and completed his command time with all organizational equipment accounted for and the command recognized him as one of the best company commanders within the ranks. Captain Van prepared the Brigade HQ for deployment and quickly made a name as being a fair, responsible and caring commander. He disciplined Soldier misconduct and held several of officers accountable via UCMJ for losing government equipment. During the entire deployment, Captain Van mentioned that he did not lose any sleep for holding the officers accountable…show more content…
During my tour with the 1st Armored Division, the G3 tasked the Brigade to send by company to the Chemical two-week defense course. I knew that Divisions assessment would set the Brigade in the wrong direction because it did not focus on the actual units that had the lack of trained Soldiers. I tasked the units with the actual numbers to be trained in the two week course. This resulted in a harsh closed door session with the DCO for not following Division’s tasking, but the units did receive the properly trained Soldiers from the course. This action is definitely added to my ethical concept for

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