Ellen Roddy's Remission: Summary

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Remission is a story about Ellen Roddy who was diagnosed with cancer resulting in her husband cancelling deployment. Ellen feels the jealousy and resentment that all the other army wives are taking over her husband because their husbands are away for deployment. The army wives borrow her husband to undertake a multitude of tasks since she is one of the few men around. This makes Ellen feel jealous and insecure feeling that their family foundation is coming loose. She feels the guilt and an emotional toll building up and wishes her husband was away on duty so that she could get community support from the other army wives. Ellen felt her life was falling apart since her husband beset his own guilt was barely with her emotionally and physically and also her daughter was running wild and out of order. Inside the break reflects on Kailani Rodriguez the wife of Manny, a member of the Bravo Company. A new threat erupts when Manny is deployed and has to be in the company of fifteen women working as non combat forces in the forward operating base. After Manny’s long silence, Kailani breaks into his email account and read emails that suggested Manny was directing his attention to other women. Kailani who had left Hawaii Island for Manny “and his scars” is in total confusion as is not sure if she really wants to seek for the truth from his…show more content…
On return home, he tried in vain to rekindle love with his wife Helena, who had given up on him since he could not return his calls while he was on duty. Kit did not want to believe the reality that his wife was slipping far away from her. He would make a list invariably devolving into things he loved about his wife while still in deployment to help him to get some sleep. Kit felt his world unraveling when Helena was distant from him after he came back home since she had became his pillar and

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