Career Essay: A Career In The Air National Guard

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A Career in the Air National Guard Do you long for a career that will provide for stable employment, a secure retirement, educational benefits for yourself and your children, and medical insurance through retirement? If this sounds appealing, then a career in the Air National Guard may be an opportunity for you. While the world did change on September 11, 2001 and frequent deployments create stressors within the family unit, the rewards both tangible and intangible in serving one’s country far outweigh the negatives. I strongly believe that a career in the Air National Guard has enabled me to realize my life goals. First of all, the benefits available to veterans as well as their dependents are numerous. To cite and example, the Federal Government…show more content…
Further, my service in the Air National Guard qualified my oldest daughter to compete for a North Carolina Veterans Administration Class III Scholarship. During the spring semester of my daughter’s senior year in high school, she received notification that she was the recipient of the scholarship, the value of which will total in excess of $74,000. She is now in her sophomore year at University of North Carolina Wilmington where my out-of-pocket equal only twenty-five percent of her room and board. Moreover, my youngest daughter remains eligible to apply for the same scholarship. Even if she does not receive the scholarship, she has full access to my Post 9-11 GI Benefits. Additionally, in 2008, in order to make private colleges more competitive with respect to public colleges for the enrollment of veterans and their dependents, the Federal Government created an opportunity that would allow certain private colleges to become a “Yellow Ribbon Program” designee (Department of Veterans Affairs 53). To participate in the program, the private college must agree to waive one-half of the tuition at the college above the

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