Military Deployment In Afghanistan

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“In its efforts to resolve the problems it faces in Afghanistan, the United States has only three heavily flawed options. It could try to turn around the current decline and support development projects that would stabilize democracy, yet no coherent plan for such a commitment exists. It could maintain current troop levels and involvement, yet staying that course would only play into the hands of the Taliban. The final option is withdrawal with a multilateral diplomatic effort, but the danger a failing Afghan democracy might pose to the region, as well as to American interests, seems prohibitive (Thurston 1).” Military deployment hurts us more than it does benefitting us. Military deployment has increased the US debt drastically and may cause…show more content…
The US has suffered many consequences than it does benefitting them by staying in Afghanistan. “ A war in Afghanistan that has dragged on for years longer than it ever should have. Its initial aim of taking Osama Bin Laden decimated after the al-Qaida leader was found and killed in Pakistan. The cost of the U.S military presence now tops a trillion dollars (Tarabay 3).” In the quote we can see that the military’s funding has contributed to the increase in the U.S debt and has crippled the economy even more. Instead of trying to get us out of debt the US continues its irresponsible spending. “Lastly, proponents of retaining US forces say that if all US forces are removed from Afghanistan, Congress will be far less likely to keep providing the 4$ to 6$ billion per year needed to prop the rickety Afghan security forces, which have already proven a sinkhole for $40 billion in wasted U.S aid (Tarabay 3).” We can infer that the US Congress think that if all the US forces are removed from Afghanistan we will save 4 to 6 billion…show more content…
“Lockheed Martin has also developed a self-driving vehicle, as have Mesa Robotics and QinetiQ North-America. All were tested by the U.S army last year. And “Alphadog”, an animal-like four-legged robot developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the defense company Boston Dynamics, can carry 400 pounds of equipment and walk for 20 miles before it needs to be refueled (Braw 1).” In the quote we can understand that due to the advancement in technology we no longer need US forces deployed on ground or in the area, instead we can send in a self-driving robot to scan the area of hostile threats and withdraw the US troops. “Armies will, in other words, be able to fight wars with fewer soldiers (Braw 2).” This means fewer body bags being sent home from

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