Definition Of Beauty

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The Definition of Beauty in One’s Life. Birthmarks, an abnormal nose, albinism, things people are bullied for. They cannot help how they are born to look. Society says that they are ugly and therefore must be punished for it, but beauty is what one sees, what one thinks, and what one tries to do. No one’s definition of beauty is the same. There are many different types of cultures in this world, and within these cultures are different definitions of beauty. One believes one concept while the other believes in the complete opposite. In France, for example, women believe that older is beautiful. They “take pride in their appearance and try to look like sensual, older women” (Alkon). French women do not worry about their appearance as much as other cultures do therefore they do not completely cover their face with makeup, unlike the American culture where “bolder is beautiful”. American’s cover everything up and deceive the people around them.…show more content…
The most prominent beauty trend in America is that younger is beautiful. “Who would want an old woman in her 70’s that doesn't wear makeup?” most would say. Well, older women really know what beauty is, but they want to look young. They know what the world is like, yet they still give in to society. Based on all the products being sold for beauty (the lotions, the makeup, the drinks), people would believe anything as long as it promises to make one younger, not to mention that many men see youth in women as healthy and that means a good fertile candidate to have a child with, or more realistically, to spend the night with. This is why women try to look younger to make themselves feel better through attracting men, or other
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