Essay On Visual Literacy In The Classroom

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Problems Encountered by Teachers Learning Materials and Facilities Basic learning materials' refers to textbooks, other reading materials, equipment and tools used for instruction. Today, the learning materials used to support teaching cover a wide range of media including audio-visual materials. Sheahan (2015) defines audiovisual materials as teaching tools that teachers use to complement their instruction, specifically in viewing lessons. Examples of audiovisual materials include movies, videos, music clips, flip charts, slideshow presentations and overhead transparencies. Bayno (2014) point out that school facilities are one of the basic educational requirements, and it is necessary to maintain safe and high-quality school facilities from the perspective of maintaining and improving academic performance of the students .Furthermore, Lackaney (2015), asserts…show more content…
In order for visual enhancements to be used most effectively, teachers should possess skills that include the language of imagery as well techniques of teaching visually. Therefore, teachers’ knowledge in the area of visual literacy for instruction is warranted. Results of the impact of visual literacy in the classroom can be explored further through teachers examining their current use of visual elements and comparing visual content of lessons with students’ achievement. She also recommends that additional research to develop tools that measure an individual’s degree of visual literacy, including skills of creating and interpreting visual language is important in evaluating the overall impact on student learning. Additionally, the identification of possible relationships among other factors such as learning styles and demographic characteristics is desirable for a comprehensive study of visual

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