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Emma and Frank Churchill Mr. Frank Churchill, a very fashionable and virile young man, who seems the perfect companion for Emma, as both families are in hopes of the two young people getting together. Emma is excited about Frank’s arrival, and hearing his name, she enjoys the fantasy of being in love “Now, it so happened that in spite of Emma’s resolution of never marrying, there was something in the name, in the idea of Mr. Frank Churchill, which always interested her” (115). Nevertheless, it is only the fantasy of being desired and wanted, not the prospect of true feelings that appeal to her. When Frank actually arrives in Highbury, the fantasy becomes real, and Emma finds Frank’s company agreeable. In fact, the two flirt very openly with each other throughout the plot. Of course, it is not Emma’s fondness of his character that delights her, but the allure of being connected with the “the first and the handsomest” (213). As illustrated at the Cole’s party “Emma divined what every body present must be thinking. She was his object, and every body must perceive it” (214). Emma’s delight is soon overshadowed, upon hearing Mrs. Weston contention regarding Mr. Knightley and Miss Fairfax “I have made a match between Mr. Knightley and Jane Fairfax!” (217). Emma is overwhelmed by the idea, justifying her reluctance to it, with…show more content…
Knightley, is Emma’s reaction to Knightley’s disclosure of his feelings toward her. Whereas his feelings seem genuine as he experiences a great difficulty to speak, during his short speech, “Emma’s mind was most busy” (417). Instead of demonstrating an emotional response, Emma dwells over Harriet’s downfall “to see that Harriet’s hopes had been entirely groundless, a mistake, a delusion, as complete a delusion as any of her own—that Harriet was nothing; that she was every thing herself.”

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