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Raquel De Los Santos Cabral Dwyer/ Composition I Section A District 204/ Freelancer 09/30/2015 An Analysis on the Importance of BlazeView Desire2Learn As a student for Valdosta State University (VSU), the Blazeview Desire2Learn (D2L) website is a very essential tool. It is used by both teachers and students for all matters dealing with schoolwork. D2L is one out of many course management systems (CMS) that is used widely in colleges and universities throughout America. Malikowski, Thompson, and Theis believe that universities use D2L in order to “enhance resident courses, offer distance learning courses, and support hybrid courses, which combine resident and online courses” (Malikowski, Thompson, and Theis, 149). Essentially,…show more content…
Then, they have a variety of tabs to choose from. The Content tab includes a Table of Contents that holds all the weekly modules. Clicking on each module opens up “a syllabus, assignments, reading materials, and announcements”, or dropboxes that allow you to turn in assignments that are associated with that specific week (Malikowski, Thompson, and Theis, 150). The Assessments tab has a drop-down menu that opens up to Dropbox, Grades, Quizzes, Rubrics, and Self Assessments. This tab lets students keep track of all their grades, requirements for projects, or assignments that can only be turned in online. The Communication tab really allows both audiences to stay connected to each other through Chat, Pager, online discussions, emails, and news posts. It also lets everyone to get to know others in that same class by clicking on Classmates (lists everyone enrolled in that course) or Groups (includes members of smaller groups within the same class). The Resource tab lets people access their calendars, checklists, or their online “lockers.” Students can open the Galileo portal through the Library tab. It is a wonderful resource tool that is available to aid you with your assignments throughout the semester. The Desire2Learn website is fairly easy to use, and very useful and

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