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Bullying is difficult to define with a concrete definition because the act of bullying can be perceived differently by whoever is experiencing the event. Bullying is a special form of aggressive behavior which meant to hurt or cause discomfort to another person. The behavior involves an imbalance of power, and is often repeated over a period of time on another person. Common behaviors attributed to bullying include put-downs, name calling, rumors, verbal threats, menacing, harassment, intimidation, social isolation or exclusion, and physical assaults. Bullies always have more power than victims. Therefore, the person who bullies will have more social status, strength and support within the peer group which show they have the power to bully…show more content…
First of all, the first is physical bullying. Physical bullying occurs when kids use physical actions towards the victims to show their power. Second is verbal bullying. Third is emotional bullying. Forth is cyber bullying. Fifth is sexual bullying. The last is prejudicial bullying. Bullying can happen anywhere, but occurs primarily in places with little adult supervision such as at the bus stop, on the bus, in the school bathroom, hallway, cafeteria, and on the playground. It also happens when groups of children play at a friend's house or in a neighboring…show more content…
Parents, teachers, school, government and self should play as an important role in preventing bullying. First of all, Parents and teachers should educate the children the knowledge about bullying. This can help them to understand more about bullying and help them to get rid of it. Besides, Parents always keep the communication open. Listen what the children want to say, ask them, know more about them and understand them. Parents also be the model which show the children how to treat others in kindness and respect. Government should have campaigns to encourage the children to participate to learn and understand more about bullying. As for self, the children themselves should have their positive mindset, self confident and social skills. This may help to prevent from

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