Analyzing Frida Kahlo's The Love Embrace Of The Universe

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Frida Kahlo’s 1949 painting, the “Love Embrace of the Universe” tells a captivating story about love, loss and the power to survive. This painting represents many things in Frida’s life including her rocky relationship with her husband Diego Rivera. The painting itself has both a spiritual and mythological appearance. Frida painted most of her pieces based on life experiences. She also had a large focus on self-portraits. Frida spent a lot of time alone so her paintings were often used as a means of self-expression. Frida grew up in an era when women were not able to speak openly about their internal thoughts, feelings and relationships. Therefore her paintings acted as her personal outlet instead. In The Love Embrace of the Universe, Frida has many different symbols that mirror her life.…show more content…
Frida is holding Diego, the mythical goddess is holding Frida and the larger ghost like spirit is holding all of them. It gives you, as the viewer a sense of mind, body and spirit connection. Frida even included her dog in this painting, which is curled up sleeping quietly on the dark side of the spirits wrist. All of these tiny details have a close tie and meaning to Frida. The green goddesses is another example of that, she is solid and has a firm grip on Frida and Diego as if she would let nothing hurt them. She is there protector, and will help guide them through the difficult times. The goddess’s long dreads help accent lack of expression on her face. All of these details are similar to how Frida treated her husband. She was firm and expressionless; she put Diego in his place. Diego was often up to no good and Frida always had her hands full. She played the mother role far more than the wife

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