Suicidal Safety Plan

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Based on the client presenting problems, the reason of seeking therapy was due to experiencing ongoing and overwhelming stress including conflict between him and his sons, the recent loss of both his parents, difficulty falling asleep, lower energy, decreased appetite and excessive argument with his girlfriend have contributed to his suicidal ideation (Van Orden et al., 2012). Safety Plan Assessing the client’s level of functioning and understanding the meaning clients give the situation. Establishing a connection with the client as a way to respect and accept the client, followed by with a specific set of coping strategies and source of support. Utilizing empirically supported treatment for suicidal risks, such as psychoeducation program, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and DBT (Stanley at al., 2012).…show more content…
Internal coping strategies- employ distraction techniques, collaboratively developing problem solving approach, identifying what patient can do without assistance of another person utilizing social contact, contacting trusted family members or friends, and contacting mental health professionals. Socialization Strategies for Distraction and Support- socializing with other people, enjoy activities, watching TV, walking. Social Contacts for Assistance in Resoling Suicidal Crisis—formulate an optimal plan by selecting people who would offer help distracting from his plan. Professional Agency Contacts to Help Resolve Suicidal Crisis—identifying and seeking help from professionals, 24-hour contact information for the emergency treatment facility. Means Restriction—eliminating or limiting access to any potential lethal means in the environment. Implementing safety plan recommended a follow up as well (Stanley at al.,
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