Pretty Little Liars Movie Analysis

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Pretty Little Liars has five and a half seasons so far. That translates to exactly 130 episodes, including the episodes and the specials; which is the equivalent of approximately 5,850 minutes. That means that i’ve spent almost a hundred hours watching this TV show. I started watching it during Winter vacation last year, looking for something that could be fun and that wasn’t hard to understand. Just some funny show aimed at teenagers just to relax. But then I ended up watching all four seasons on Netflix and the next thing I knew, I had watched all the episodes that had aired until that moment. That means that, by “Game over, Charles” (Episode 10 of season 6), I had been waiting for almost a hundred hours to know who -A was. To put that…show more content…
If it weren’t for the occasional comment, they could have gone unnoticed. That was a very bad move for two reasons: The format didn’t allow some of the best actresses in the show to showcase their range. Troian Bellisario, Janel Parrish and Ashley Benson were stuck in a tech room watching the action develop on screen. Telling a story full of flashbacks only let the audience know certain things. “Game on, Charles” was sold to the audience as the “be all, end all” episode of the series, the episode where all questions would be answered, yet it just showed a lot of really cheap graphics, lack of continuity and it left the audience with even more…show more content…
Germain, Samara Cook, Talia, Shana, Jenna Marshall, Sara Harvey, Lucas, and CeCe. Yet, somehow the two main antagonists turned out to be LGBT+ characters: A is CeCe Drake, originally Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis. The fact that there was no scene or mention of her transition from male to female is unrealistic and simplistic. During season 5 and season 6, A was called "He/She/It”, which is incredibly offensive once you know the character is actually transgender. Also, during season 5, CeCe let the liars know that her name was Charles, which is not correct, since CeCe being transgender means that she’s female; dismissing the struggle of transgender people all over the world that have to deal with identity crisis and legal problems. Finally, CeCe being transgender was used as a plot device, a justification for her being Charles. Why is she evil? She’s transgender, she suffered because of it and she has mental issues. No other reason

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