Why Is Social Class Important In Society

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Sociological studies have pointed to the declining influence of social class in the U.K, yet research shows that social class remains important. Sociologists highlight the importance of stigma and shame, and the ways they can be negatively stereotyped, and those at a disadvantage being stigmatised. Sociological thinking focuses on the understanding of social structure and organisation of society and how this relates to problems. All different parts of society integrate together and differentiate the social classes to the society. Crime is considered as a behaviour that breaks the law and deviance can be something that is a controlled behaviour that is a disapproval of what is socially acceptable. What is seen as deviant to one group from the…show more content…
A number of theories related to deviance and crime functionalists point out that deviance is a social organisation, it reinforces norms by reminding people of the consequences of violating them. Violating norms can open the society’Seles to the justice system, important for stability. Edwin Sutherland coined the phrase differential association to address the issue of how people learn deviance. According to this theory, the environment plays a major role in deciding which norms people learn to violate. People also learn their norms from various socialising agents parents, teachers, ministers, family, friends, co‐workers, and the media. people learn criminal behaviour, like other behaviours, from their interactions with others, especially in intimate groups. People learn deviance from the people with whom they associate. Crime and deviance are learned from the environment and enforced or discouraged by those around us. Interactionists focus on the socially constructed nature of the labels related to…show more content…
Social research indicates that those who have negative labels usually have lower self‐images, are more likely to reject themselves, and may even act more deviantly as a result of the label. This theory holds that behaviors are deviant only when society labels them as deviant. Pre 20th century Emily Durkheim 1897 emphasised the importance and necessity of social inequality for the wellbeing of society. Regards crime as having social function and believes that it is necessary in society to reinforce norms and values, behaviour of the majority of non-deviant in society, and allows the social changes and provides employment for the higher class society by those in power the capitalists. Modern 20th century Max Weber points to the importance not just to economic factors and status to sustaining inequality, influence of power. “ Those with POWER and those that are POWERLESS” Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles highlighted the divide between society and capital, classes, and the importance of deprivation and

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