The Pros And Cons Of Global Environmental Governance

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Concerning the planet development through the Eco balance is really crucial where the global leaders has been trying to cope up with the chllanges of climate change through institutions. Climate change is like a ticking clock, every increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere permanently alter the climate. Greenhouse Gases are trace gases that absorb infrared radiation in the atmosphere .A certain level of greenhouse gases are necessary to sustain life but Some greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and sulfides particularly fossil fuel-based carbon dioxide . Human activities are causing increased carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere is causing global surface temperature to rise .Ensuring joint implemtion , international emission trading (IET) and clean development mechanism (CDM) defined in article 12 of the protocol allows a country with an emission reduction or emission limitation commitment under KEYTO protocl (annex B party)to implement an emission reduction project in developing countires which project can earn seleable certied emission…show more content…
The world government as it sometimes possible is even the thought of any competing plan for world or global environmental organization (GEO or WEO)that are being peddled might actually be taken seriously by the world government as it sometimes possible is even more disturbing. The danger of confusing institutions and organization WEO/GEO discourse is clearly preoccupied with organization and often ignores fundamental questions about why environmental degradation happens or why global cooperation founders or why global environmental governance is a good

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