Advantages And Disadvantages Of 3g System

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Abtract: During the 20th century, the key technology was information gathering, processing and distribution. This total technology will depend based on the network systems. Which are nothing but grouping of systems that should be controlled by a server. In business and home applications, mobile users and in all social issues the networks are used . To enhance the benefits of these networks, we are introducing 3G systems. The aim of the 3G security architecture is to improve on the security of 2G systems.3G systems have additional standards like EDGE and CDMA rather than older systems. It has a high quality voice and video services but has limited in coverage area. Now introducing the 4G technologies to full fill the limitations…show more content…
In addition to the 3G network infrastructure security, end-to-end security is offered when application frame works such as IMS are accessed. Advantages of 3G: 1. Faster data connectivity. 2. Uninterrupted video streaming on phones. 3. Video calls and big MMS. 4. Good for data intensive applications. 5. Downloading games and songs is much faster. 6.It allows a wider radio spectrum that allows faster data transmission. 7.Allows for advanced technology,multimedia services and larger network capacity. 8.It allows a wider variety of cell phones to operate on the network. 9.Allows location based services like weather reports on the mobile. 10.Applications that are more data intensive can be developed and used. Benefits of 3G High Quality Voice Service: The quality of voice-falls under 3G will be much higher compared to 2G services. Enhanced content Service: 3G users can download full music files, full movie files and other files at high speed. Mobile Broadband: 3G user can use his handset for high speed internet any time any where (where connectivity is available). Video Services: 3G user can enjoy the video call facility where in…show more content…
Hence, there are some applications in 3g 1. Mobile TV. 2. Video on demand. 3. Video conferencing. 4. Telemedicine. 5. Location-based services. 6. Global Roaming. Limitations of 3G 1. With WCDMA based 3G, the data speed increases the coverage area of the cell become smaller and smaller. 2. There has been some improvement with HSPDA, but still it is impossible to connect these by wireless links in cellular technology. 3. Using WCDMA cells, with increase in data rate, the speed of movement of user terminal also become lesser and lesser. 4. We still have circuit voice, circuit data and packet data bearers. 5.Implementation may be costly. 6.3G plan prices for cell phones are much higher than 2G. 3G security architecture There are five different sets of features that are part of the architecture: Network Access Security: This feature enables users to securely access services provided by the 3G network. Network Domain Security: This feature enables nodes in the provider domain to securely exchange signaling data, and prevent attacks on the wired network. User Domain

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