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Dante's Inferno is a poem taken place in the early 14th century. It is about Dante and his journey of being guided through hell, by Virgil, a Roman poet. Hell is divided into nine circles of suffering. The circles include, limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud, and treachery, in that order. During the 14th century era, men were said to behave in a way that women tempted them with their seductiveness. Representations of women were viewed by being less socially accepted and by their temptation they had on men. Dante writes how women's sins, tend to be more sexual compared to men's. Women were meant to be beautiful and pure like Dante's love interest, Beatrice. Dante encounters many different women throughout the poem. The women in the poem are separated into two main roles, either love, which Beatrice represents, or the sinful, which are the females mainly found in the second circle of hell that Dante encounters. Although it’s only the second circle of hell, which means punishments aren’t as serious. They were blind and caught up by passion in life, and are now punished by being tormented by a violent storm and blown by strong winds for the rest of their lives, preventing them to find…show more content…
Beatrice was Dante's fiancé, and was killed by a prisoner in Arce. She was the one who sent Virgil to lead Dante through hell to find her. “I who now send you forth am Beatrice. I have come from a place I long to see again. Love promoted me. Love makes me ask you this” (Canto 2, lines 70-73). Beatrice's love helps Dante gain the courage to continue his journey through hell. The representation of Beatrice is compared and the opposite of the dark sexual ways of women’s sins and evil, that Dante sees in the second circle of hell. The evil side of femininity is shown from the opening of Dante’s Inferno, putting a perspective on the way Dante thinks of

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