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Dante Alighieri best work of literature was the Inferno. The Inferno narrates the story of Dante himself and the journey through hell to get to the purgatory. In it Dante discovers that hell is divided into nine circles in which the sin is where punished in a way that reflected the sin. As he continues through the nine circles of hell each sin and punishment becomes worse for the sinner as the sin was on earth. The first circle being Limbo in which men and women as well as children were there because they had not been baptized or their faith was lost. The second circle was lust, seventh contained those whose violence damaged other and God, and so on until the ninth circle which the most evil sinners suffered. Those in the ninth circle were accused of treachery. Each circles punishment reflected that of their sin. The first circle being the least punishment and the ninth being the worst. As the sin was on earth it was punished in hell with the symbol of the root of the sin.…show more content…
In his journey through hell he first sees those who are in Limbo. In Limbo the punishments are minimal since the sin are not of great evil. Those who are in limbo is because they were not baptized at birth or they did not believe in God although they knew Christ existed. The punishment of those who were in Limbo were minimal and no harm was done to them. Their soul wondering through Limbo but never able to reach heaven because they were not baptized or their faith in Christ

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