Chicago Riots In American Political History

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The Hard Convention In 1968, Chicago was taken over by many riots which occurred during the Democratic National Convention which was a very important event in the American political history. No matter what the number of riots was, but the most important things in these events is how to tell your opinion, or how to stay strong standing up against the huge waves of the anger volcanos? Between August 26th and 29th a huge numbers of people who were from different kinds of backgrounds protested against the Vietnam War. There was a lot of violence between the anti-Vietnam War protesters and the cops who made their day very dark with a large number of victims. The riots were everywhere, streets, parks, and very important place in Chicago. These events gave the city a bad name which made many Americans distrust the officials of Chicago during this time. The main reason about these events was the Vietnam War which was an evidence to the protesters to make a terrible action in the city that had many different races. There are many causes of the subsequent riots in 1968, but as we say before the main cause was the Vietnam War.…show more content…
Also the protesters could leave a foot print in these events and they said their opinion too that nobody can make a wall between their voices and the government. Nevertheless, 4 eras after these events’ the American people couldn’t forget that. As a result, nobody can think negative what they did, and the events that followed the convention drew a different picture in the world about America. Nobody who lived in Chicago at this time can forget what caused which make us remember Chicago when we try to read about convention that it was very

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