America's Most Prized Possession In The Female Body By Atwood

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America’s Most Prized Possession In her essay The Female Body, Atwood talks about the many ways the female body is portrayed and used. Atwood is a feminist who believes that women are superior to men but are viewed inferior by society.. She uses a sarcastic tone to explain her beliefs and keep the readers attention. Atwood explains the uniqueness, beauty, and difficulties of America’s favorite and most prized possession...the female body. In the first paragraph, Atwood uses alliteration, and parallelism to describe her own body and in the second paragraph she goes on to talk about how a female body is used and viewed sexually. Atwood says that society makes women think they are expected to dress seductive by wearing "fishnet stockings, fichu, bandeau, Lyra stretch one-piece with modesty panel..." (Atwood 216). Women are so complex and have a unique body. Atwood color coats the body parts of the woman to help the reader…show more content…
Women listened, cooked, cleaned, dressed appropriately, and obeyed their husbands. Today women have more freedoms, and expose a lot more of their body. Even though times have changed, women are still misused and viewed as inferior to men. Throughout Atwoods essay she explains the ways society views females but she also explains the truth about women and their unique brain. The female brain is “joined together by a thick cord; neural pathways flow from one to another, like light on waves...The male brain, now, that’s a different matter. Only a thin connection. Space over here, time over there, music and arithmetic in their own sealed compartment” (Atwood 218). This quote portrays that women are natural thinkers and tend to do things right the first time. Atwood is obviously feminist and readers can sense a bit of men bashing in her essay. Atwood is sarcastic when talking about men and wants the reader to understand the beauty and importance of the female

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