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A serial killer is defined as one who murders three or more human beings over a long period of time, in which there is a “cooling off” stage in between each murder. Serial killers are the incarnation of evil within society and resemble celebrities for movie producers, authors and the press as everyone is fascinated in wanting to know how another individual can be so deranged. Investigators are persistently searching for answers in wanting to know why a serial killer kills, and whether psychological, sociological or biological factors play a role in becoming a killer (Gratrix, 3). It is often believed that a serial killer is not born, but rather formed through a series of events that may take place in one’s life. One’s childhood and social…show more content…
Kemper’s childhood was different than most, as his social seclusion began at an early age once his mom began to verbally abuse and scold him in public (Hickey 2013, 107-115). His childhood of social isolation was a leading cause in Ed’s future serial killer tendencies. When Ed was eight, he was forced to sleep in his basement cellar for eight months which included one trap door, leading to the kitchen, that his mother covered with a table to prevent it from opening (Hickey 2013, 107-115). Kemper had later stated that the relationship he had with his mother was a major source of his frustration and aggression. His parents split up once Ed turned nine and his mother remarried several times, leaving no room for a steady father figure in his life. It was evident that Ed was an odd ball as a child as he often role played his own death through pretend executions, which his sister also partook in, as she was the executer (Hickey 2013, 107-115). Kemper was not fond of his mother as he stated there was a love-hate relationship, nor did he like his sister as he thought she received more love and affection, and often would fantasize about killing them. These fantasizes grew to be more violent when he began to behead his sisters dolls, and buried his cat alive (Hickey 2013, 107-115). These fantasizes Ed was having became a reality and he one day acted upon his most disturbing one in which he shot his grandma to death followed by Ed stabbing her. Once his grandpa arrived back at the house, Ed met him on the porch and shot him to death as well. Ed was fifteen at the time, and turned himself in explaining to the police “I just wondered how it would feel to shoot grandma” (Hickey 2013, 107-115). Kemper was emitted to the Atascadero State Psychiatric Hospital, where he was soon released as Ed used his mischievous ways to beat the system and cheat on his tests, fooling the parole officers into believing that

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