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9 Circles Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy to change people's minds about committing sins. Hell is described in The Inferno as 9 circles that first are big and then get smaller. Dante, roman poet and politician, depicts hell as a gloomy, miserable, tortuous realm, where no hope or joy exists. The existing hell soon becomes outdated and obsolete. This is why Hell is a constantly evolving place. The worst sinners are at the bottom. How Dante made the standard for each circle is by the sin. The Punishment completes the sin. The First circle of Hell is Limbo. Here it looks like a castle in a valley. People here because they lived before Jesus or weren't baptized. Some examples are Virgil, Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. There is not punishment…show more content…
The Punishment is that the people are around the Styx and in the center is a castle on fire. They are striking and biting each other and Sullen choke on the mud. The punishment completes the sin because in the mind People have anger and in the body there fighting. The sixth circle of hell is for the Heretics who believe in the false god. The famous Epicureans are there. The Punishment is that the people are put in the coffin and heated to the degree of their sin. The punishment completes the sin because in the people who are Heretics may be dead in the coffin because believe the devil. The seventh circle of hell is for the Violent. There are 3 different kinds first is violent against another person, second is violent against oneself, third is violent against god. The punishment for the first kind is in a river of blood guarded by the centaurs, the second kind is in the forest and the body changes with the tree and can't move, the third is in a hot deserts suffering. The punishment completes the sin because in their life they hurt people so in hell it comes back to them and they are hurt. The eighth circle of hell is fraud. The people make 10 groups based on the kind of sin. For example one is people are running back and forth and get whipped. The Punishment completes the sin because they lied in life so now the truth is

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