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Heaven or Hell, Is there another option? Being a Medieval Catholic means believing that no one is above God’s word of sin; no one can be introduced to the gates of heaven without proper repentance, good faith, and love for God. He is the all-powerful and all-knowing being who created us, but what if what a culture interpreted the bible in a differently than another, such as believing in the word of God but not taking his threats of eternity in hell all that seriously. The Renaissance brought about the Protestant movement, which moves away from the Catholic belief’s that one’s salvation is dependent on God’s grace and instead believes that God acts with free grace, meaning, he is ever forgiving, and not as hard to please as the Catholics think. What if there was no eternal punishment for our sins, what if this is all a hoax and we just die and nothing happens afterwards? What if there is no heaven and hell, just a rotten corpse in the ground? I know two men who could indefinitely…show more content…
Without Virgil to guide him and give him confidence, Dante wouldn’t have ever finished his journey through Hell to Paradiso and ultimately to his true love, Beatrice. Without his reason, Dante wouldn’t have had the courage to go through his redemption. Dante constantly leaned on Virgil for guidance, asking him “but how can I go on if you are frightened?” (Canto IV.17) He also banners his need for reassurance by saying, “You are my constant strength when I lose heart” (Canto IV.18). Allegorically, I believe Virgil represents Dante’s reason. However, as a reflection, Dante represents every man as a human who sins. In order to receive repentance and God’s salvation, everyone needs reason to acknowledge the nature of sin and how it goes against God’s love and His divine plan for

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