Persepolis Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Persepolis is a great book to read, and in my opinion, I believe that the book should not be banned for seventh graders for many reasons. Seventh graders know more than their parents think, they may not know too much about Iran and Marji’s experiences though. The Chicago school board is not wrong that seventh graders should not witness harassment and violent language, but they should not start with banning this book because it shows the reality of the world. Persepolis is a very relatable book and people should not take that knowledge away for those seventh graders. Banning this book for the seventh graders of Chicago would disappoint me because if I had read this book earlier, I would have better knowledge of Iran and what happened during Marji’s life. I knew a lot for my age as a seventh grader, but that was from my parents, what I have read, and my everyday experiences. Social media, television, and music all contribute to what people feel and think in everyday life. Music has graphic language, television has graphic content, and social media are…show more content…
To be honest, I was listening to explicit music, watching rated R movies, and playing violent video games in seventh grade. Parents of these children may believe their children are angels, some may not. In reality, many children know what to and not to tell their parents. Children are sly and can get away with a lot of things, and it is always good to slap them in the face with reality once in awhile. If the parents who shield their children from the real world do not expect them to expand their knowledge, then that is their loss. The school board brought many facts about why the seventh graders should not read the book, they are strong facts, but what the board did not bring up was the facts of how the book is going to affect the children more than what they are being exposed to in everyday

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