How Has Star Trek Changed American Culture

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Having never seen Star Trek, most of the characters and information presented to me in this video were completely new. Having said that, there are a lot of different things in this video that I personally found extremely surprising, some that I could relate to, and some that show just how much this one show meant for a large portion of the population. Star Trek changed countless people’s lives through the messages, language, and content of the television show. For example, this one particular television show created countless fans that would do pretty much anything to be more into the culture. It spawned numerous conventions where people gather and talk about different aspects of the show. There is even a completely different language that people can now learn. All of these things may bring up the question of whether any of this is good or not for people to be doing. Answering that question may be fairly…show more content…
For example, Star Trek gives people an opportunity to meet other people who have very similar interests as they do. From these interactions, it could be concluded that it may, in some cases, actually help bring people closer together so that they can start families of their own. Without these conventions, some of these people may have had a harder time finding a significant other. Another area that this benefits is the knowledge gained on other cultures around the world. Whenever so many people from around the world gather in one place, especially for a common reason, there is bound to be some cultural dissemination happening. When this happens, people may come to realize that they like certain foods or want to follow a certain career path that they would have never thought about before meeting these people. Along the same lines as this is the idea that the show itself may have created hope for the

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