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“In the hell the punishment is always befitting of the sin” (contrapasso). The picture of satan does satisfy the reader because they see how his eating the sinners and the readers are probably also shocked of what he looks like. The satan has a lot of wings and the wings are bat like wings all over his back. Lucifer, on the other hand is also a satan with one head but with three faces, he also had wings and every time he flapped his wings to try to escape he just made wind keeping the lake frozen. Each face had two eyes, each had a mouth which chewed on a sinner. He was placed in the bottom of the circle because he killed the worst sinners of the time, those sinners who betrayed god and the Roman Empire and Lucifer was also an angel who rebelled…show more content…
The punishment are not only because they want to do it for fun but because each sin deserves a punishment and each sin has different cruels like bad and worst sins, they need to learn their lesson. The sinners in the fourth ring of the 9th circle of hell was Judas, Cassius and Brutus. These three sinners are the worst sinners of all human sins who betrayed God “The banners of the Inferno advance” (110). Judas was a sinner who betrayed the Son of God. Cassius and Brutus are the second and third worst human singers of all time were traitors to God. Brutus and Cassius were traitors to God for also assassinating Julius Caesar. The three placement of sinners demonstrate contrapasso because they were the worst sinners in all time so they deserved to been in the middle of the circle with all the satan. They got themselves in that place for betraying God how did they did and assassinating Julius Caesar. This sinners do not deserve another chance because they committed the worst sins so that why its demonstrated to contrapasso for the ‘Law of nature” of equal and fitting punishment or each

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