Dance Observation

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Living the Moment “Three days before Winter Recital, girls. We got to polish all the dances! Get to work now!” said the high school’s dance instructor, Ms. Hogarth. As I observed dancers I could smell stress covering the entire room. I was amazed by all the moves the dancers made in just a couple of seconds. Every move they made seemed so perfect to me, but I could hear their desperation; in their world they weren’t doing the right move. It was amazing seeing the work it takes just to lift both feet up in the air, how so much can be expressed by dancing to the beat of a song. “Dancing feels insane, like you can literally express anything; with any movement you can speak without the use of words.” Diana Nicole says. Diana Nicole born in August 21st, 1999 is currently a junior in high school, and is part of the high school’s dance department. The department is really busy all school year, but especially when their winter recital gets close.…show more content…
She began her dancing life in the fifth grade, “It was in 5th grade, I saw a paper that read tryouts for Jaguar’s Dance Team and I thought that joining would be fun. I call mom to come and sign the sheet and I tried out, and made the team” says Diana. Her first performance was with the Jaguar’s Dance Team, it was actually a city’s founder parade. “I remember our costumes were green, yellow and purple and full of feathers, I was so nervous I thought I was going to vomit, but I actually pulled it off, my favorite part of the parade was throwing candy at people and seeing them fight for it,” Diana shares with

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