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Escape from the Western Diet by Michael Pollan is a great read. Michael Pollan is an author of multiple books on foods and eating healthy. He teaches at the University of California in Berkley and is very experienced in his field. Another one of his accomplishments is making it into Time magazine’s top 100 the most influential people of 2010. Escape from the Western Diet has knowledge on what to eat and what not to eat according to the author. One of the biggest rules that Pollan encourages is not to eat a lot of processed and ready-made meals, or to avoid them all together if possible. Pollan mentions “eat food, not too much, mostly plants” which is easier said than doing due to the large amount of unhealthy food that surrounds us every day.…show more content…
A lot of foods that we think can be good for you are actually not. One big example is live stock. If a cow is corn-fed instead of grass-fed there is a possibility that it may contain Escherichia coli ,which is very dangerous in some cases. This bacteria can cause liver damage and end up killing you. When eating out of the house a good idea would be to go to a salad bar or buy any whole foods. Pollan discusses when it comes to fast food restaurant’s there really is not a healthy option because they all put extra preservatives in their foods. Some places such as McDonald’s and Burger King that carry salads claim they are healthy for you, but just because it is a “salad” does not make it healthy at all. When shopping for groceries whole food markets are the best option. They have multitude of healthy versions of most items, such as pop, cheese, and sauces. When preparing meals the best way to approach it is to make your meals smaller portions than they normally are says Pollan. He states that the western diet can sometimes cause certain diseases and health problems. According to scientist a sugar soaked diet is what causes these problems such as diabetes, heart problems, certain types of cancer, and

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