Starbucks Environmental Environment Essay

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The main tendency Starbucks is having right now is basically to reduce their environmental footprint. In order to achieve this, they focus on the amount of water, energy and the materials they use. For example, they created a way of reducing the amount of cups for take away with an ecofriendly idea. All of this is always done thinking in the comfort and happiness of their clients, that’s why they also created a method for their customers to opinion about their service. Their mission is the following: “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time” Environmental Trend: Starbucks is trying to employ a more ecofriendly way of working through the different stores around the world. They have been making energy-efficient stores in order to reduce the amount of water and energy they use. Through different changes in the company, Starbucks has reduced the water consumption a 21.1%. Reusable and Recyclable Cups! The idea is to make the take away cup a reusable cup; customers may start using the new cup Starbucks has to offer. This cup is cheap as it is made of a lighter material, when you use it, you get 10 cents of discount, which means that if you use it 10 times, you will get your money from the cup back. If a person uses this cup for a month, every…show more content…
This consists in writing in their web page a STARBUCKS IDEA, with something you would like them to change, for example, ideas for recycling the cups, for changing some particular food they provide, proposing ideas for being more ecofriendly, and many other changes customers would like. For doing this, you should have a Starbucks account, also for commenting and discussing other people’s ideas. This is a good way in making the Starbucks stores more appealing for their customers and also it is a good way of involving them in the business and making them feel part of the coffee

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