Emile Durkheim's Theory Of Suicide

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Emile Durkheim was a French sociologist. He analyzed the cause of suicide. In 1869 he started his research work on suicide. He was not interested in the individual traits of the people who committed suicide but was rather interested in the rates of suicide in various countries. He likewise found that the suicide rates were higher among men than women, higher for the individuals who were single than those who were married. Higher for individuals without kids than those with kids. Durkheim was the first to contend that the reasons for suicide were to be found in social components and not singular identities. Seeing that the rates of suicide fluctuated with time and spot, he searched for reasons connected to these components. He found that the…show more content…
It also shows that they completely fit in Durkheim’s analysis of suicide. Durkheim took up the examination of suicide in an extremely quantitative and factual way. If Durkheim was alive today he would have initiated the government to start up a national policy for suicide anticipation which would be executed in the country at various territorial levels. And would also bring together numerous areas of the society like NGOs etc. Such programs would be more composed, assessed and implemented on large scale. He would also initiate the government to set up a national calculated structure to comprehend suicide which would look at the social aspects of the issue. The program would also review the rates, definitions, techniques utilized etc. Also decriminalizing self-destructing conduct, giving therapeutic and social backing to such individuals will go far in making a difference and help them come back to ordinary lives. Also, all cases of suicide should not be treated likewise because the social aspects and each individual’s reason to commit suicide are different. It is also evident that there cannot be a specific approach to reduce suicide, thus a diverse approach in the strategy would help achieve success in prevention of

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