Curley's Wife In Of Mice And His Wife

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The author choose not to give curley's wife a name because shes really doesn't have a role because she's not around most of the time but when she is, trouble follows causing that rising action to lead to the climatic point of the story and of course, the downfall. First, curley's wife stirs up conflict which then leads to curly despising lenny. When george and lennie first moved into their new place on the ranch curley's wife showed up in their bunks. She stayed and talked for a little bit, then left. When she did this, curly walks into the room 15 minutes later asking if George or Lennie had seen her. Curly left after they told him what they knew about curley's wife. When he comes back he was saying to slim (who he found hanging around his wife)…show more content…
When George went into town with the other farmhands and curly, leaving lennie and crooks and curley's wife at the ranch were another fight starts up. Lennie was playing with his new puppy and some of the others when he noticed how a light was coming from crooks room. Lennie decided he wanted to go in and see what was going on when crooks started yelling which made it hard to here anyone coming into the barn which at this case, curley's wife was creeping in on the conversation. When she entered the room was almost in total darkness. Crooks became mad and started saying how she has no right to enter his room. Upon when he stated this, curley's wife says “well then, keep your place then N*****. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny!” so when she shows this, it settles the story more toward how she gets everyone in trouble, she just puts the story in motion were someone would hurt her you know? Everyone whon she talked too like this and crush their dreams. Id want to hurt her, but this also supports my reason to why she is not given a name because she doesn't exactly have that main role like the ones who do that are given a
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