Criminal Profiling Research Paper

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Criminal profiling is the process of creating an analysis of the criminal personality, behavior and motivation based on different types of evidence including those left at crime scenes. Genrally information is gathered on the suspect's life span formed from information in order to create an overall holistic picture of person's current behavior. In analyzing this informtion. In retrospect profilers are portrayed as extremely intelligent, well trained, and tend to have a psychic alura. Moreover, process of profiling involves drawing inferences about a criminals, FBI/CSI or undercover agents can realistically predict the person's next motives, motivation, and demographics. based on crime scene and other evidence. These tasks forces began using criminal profiling as powerful tool…show more content…
Since popular techniques rely on judegment, intuition, and skills. Psuedoscience relies on the unproven claim, belief or practice based on scientific findings, but does not adhere to vallid scientific method, yet lacks supporting evidence or pausibilty. Thus, cannot be reliably tested. CP has been underreserched and has been around for more than 50 years. Constructing a profile involves 3 steps-Collecting data from the crime scene. Followed by the datta being forwarded to a profiler and a prediction being reported to investigaion officer form the profiler. Overall, criminal profiling is an ever evolving field using a holisitic approach as mentioned earlier.. A fairly new method used by investigatiors are pschological autopsies as seen in the case of Jackson vs. The State of Florida as referenced in group 2's powerpoint. The psychological autopsies were created by Nash System. Currently these tesemonials are no allowed in court. The case involves the psychological abuse frm the mother (Mrs.Jackson) forcing her daughter to dance nude and pay rent of $300 a week and living expenses. Resulting in Tina commiting

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