Differences Between CSI And Hollywood

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Have you ever wondered if there was more to forensic science, than what Hollywood portrays? Well if you haven’t, the bottom line is that Hollywood just scratches the surface of forensic science. There are so many differences ranging from the crime scene processing to the DNA analysis. Though Hollywood still relates to real life forensic science, but there are way more differences between television and real life. For example, in the famous television show CSI, the detectives and all process a crime scene in like ten minutes or less. Which is impossible according to dps.mn.gov. This site says that it can take anywhere from thirty minutes up to hours when processing a crime scene. It mostly just depends on the crime scene. Another thing this site mentions is the fact that a real crime scene unit will only respond to homicides, abductions, or officer involved shootings. They will not respond to burglaries and assaults. Which is different from Hollywood, because Hollywood responds to practically everything.…show more content…
This is not how it happens in real life according to criminaljusticschools.org. This site insists that the forensic technicians help more passively than they do physically. Which means that the forensic technicians and all are not the police, they strictly just process the evidence of the crime scene and help by giving leads. Another difference between CSI or Hollywood and real life, is the fact that forensic technicians specialize in certain things. One show that shows to be somewhat accurate according to this site, is Dexter. In this show there forensic technician named Dexter, he is a blood spatter specialist. This is accurate information about forensic science when compared to real life. In fact this site says,"the work that Dexter does in front of his colleagues is really accurate compared to real

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