Creativity Definition Essay

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Creativity is when we use our own imagination and create something out of it. Everyone is creative in their own ways but many people fail to express their creativity due to lack of confidence or they personally feel that they are not creative enough. This is my personal definition of creativity, however others have a different way to define it. “Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.” This quote is from Linda Naiman, an author who has a more precise definition of creativity. One should not be afraid to express their imaginations, as we do not know how creative we are until it is expressed! I am not a very creative person because I cannot think out of the box and invent something new or unique, but after the Creative and Innovative Thinking Skills (CITS) lessons I have learned how to be creative in the way I think and look at situations. One of the most creative thing I have done would be to make my own lava lamp. I did this lava lamp as a gift to my grandparents who recently shifted house. I searched on the internet on what are the ingredients needed and how to make the lava lamp glow, but I designed the shape of the…show more content…
Even though certain lessons did not impact me, some of them were really beneficial. The first weekly lesson has taught me how to build creativity and confidence. I watched the video of David Kelly, he used many examples to elaborate his point to the audience. One of the examples was, the therapy Albert Bandura used, “Guided Mastery.” This was an approach he used to help people overcome their phobia or fear of snake. After watching this, I felt that we should not run away from our fears but instead we should face our fears to overcome them. I am usually afraid of facing my problems, but I realised that when we face our problems, we become stronger as we learn how to deal with
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