Illegal Dumping In Brunei

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The environment of the planet Earth is being harmed and the causes of it are mostly from human actions. What can one person do to protect the environment? Very little, it may seem, especially compared to the strength of government policies and huge companies. Large companies are trading across the planet. Nations are joining together in economic region and producing massive markets. As more markets or industries are produced, enormous number of people are purchasing products from the company itself to make their lives accessible and more comfortable. From this, people are more likely throwing their garbage or products to restricted zones such as the residential areas, lakes, sewage system and this has become an issue to Brunei Darussalam.…show more content…
Basically, it is the disposal of waste in restricted areas and that include lakes, storm drain and most commonly in residential areas. Unauthorized littering is a serious problem yet spreading in Brunei but how does illegal dumping can be a problem to Brunei? When a young developing country like Brunei, this problem can make both the locals and foreigners feel repulsive to be in the country. The most likely reason for illegal dumping to happen is due to the irresponsibility of the people who purposely dump their waste carelessly anywhere in Brunei. The most likely reason for this to happen is because people are trying to avoid any disposal fees at landfill sites and they do not want to spend time to recycle wastes properly. In accordance with news article, illegal dumping of rubbish is becoming a widespread problem in residential areas across the Brunei-Muara District. Residents have shown their concern about the issue and they suggested that the government action is needed to settle the problem (Md Khairuddin, 2015). One resident out of all that has been interviewed claimed that: 1) the lack of proper signpost for illegal dumping and 2) delay in collecting the garbage, are reasons for this issue to spread. Hence, the exposure or spreading of dumping that can give big impacts to the people…show more content…
Impact on resident’s health is mostly on landfills. In fact according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 4.5 pounds of waste is dumped by each person into landfills every day. Hence, it can produce various types of problem affecting the environment. In Brunei Darussalam, there are few residents living nearby landfill or dumpsites. When wastes are disposed to landfill therefore it can attract flies to come to houses that within reach. In fact, houseflies can affect the people’s health especially their hygiene for example when they are cooking. One resident claimed that the landfill of wastes are about to migrate to another place but no actions had been taken (Anna Abu Bakar, 2007). Anna Abu Bakar (2007) further stated the lack of government actions of poorly managed on waste landfills resulted the environmental and health hazards. In addition to this Brunei’s government. For example dumpsites in other countries is in Manzini, Africa. This place is poorly managed and there are homes about 200 meters away from dumpsites (Salam Abul, 2010). Dumpsites do not just attract animals that bring diseases to the people, it also can release smoke gases that are not good to inhale. Marshal (as cited in Salam Abul, 2010) stated that open dumpsites may cause major problem to people’s health. However, Brunei’s government should see other countries waste problem as their precaution. From this it is clear that

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