Definition Essay: What Is A Photographer?

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In this essay I will be defining the word photographer. I’d be explaining of what it is and isn’t. I’ll be explaining with the details of what I have to support my definition. There will be two main parts of this essay one to explain of what it is a photographer and the other part of what it isn’t. This paragraph I will be explaining of what it is a photographer. Its someone who takes pictures of anything for a living, its their career basically. Now the way they take the picture, they have to take it with great quality. The photographer got to be nice or else the client comes out being grumpy and upset in the photo. And no one wants that, to see someone unhappy, if there aren’t suppose to look like that. Another thing is that promotion, if they want real good money and get in business they got to be really good in photography. Some people do photography and aren’t as good as others so when you a photographer you got to be really picky with that. They got to have great quality; like that’s the number one thing you need, in photography. And get…show more content…
It’s basically the opposite of what I just wrote in the second paragraph, but you know I still have to point it out there. So my first reason of what I suppose it isn’t a photographer is that they are in their own world and took bad pictures, horrible quality. They end up getting a lot of complainants because they did take pictures horribly blurry. Their business is slow; in another words don’t make good money because a lot of people wouldn’t recommend it. Their advertisement of flyers and posters etc. looks awful overall. They wouldn’t have any creativity what so ever. Honestly they wouldn’t have any excellent or even average ideas of their theme for the photo shoots. Their camera quality would be very lousy job. Their camera would be horrible and their lens. Almost like if they didn’t care. I just explained my reasoning of what isn’t a

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