Creative Writing: Mayers

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"Yeah!" Mayers chimed in, equally excited. He leaned closer to the man and looked him right in the eye, "Chop them right off." He smirked. "Sucks to be you." He added with a shrug. "We can't kill them," Ron sighed, placing a hand on Mayers back, "We aren't allowed to hurt them unless they threaten us or someone else." Mayers stepped back but still grinned wickedly towards the man. "I never said we are going to kill him," Alice's familiar innocent voice countered, "All we wanted to do was cut his balls off." She casually shrugs. Ron opened his mouth to say something, "What the fuck?!" An unfamiliar, deep voice spoke up. I turned my head to the direction in which it came from. I guess while we were debating on what to do, the other two woke

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