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There have multiple isolated conversations that continue to develop in regards to the fēnix Monaco project. I believe that we need to take a moment to all come back together in a core group in order to make a decision on the naming convention so that we can all move forward. • The first thing that we need to determine is if this product will be sold with the fēnix tagline or without. I was given the direction from the executive leaders of the business that this product needed to incorporate the Fēnix name. Can we confirm that this is still the direction that is being requested? This decision will dictate the next steps in naming the product. • A recommendation that was presented by EMEA was to utilize the name CHRONOS. Upon inspecting this name I do not believe that this will provide enough uniqueness for Garmin at this price level. Please see the attached notes from the naming committee.…show more content…
I’m attaching a very small sampling of the hits that came up within minutes. The term is overused and, therefore, has little value as a name. Apart from it's mythical origins it’s simply a reference to time and order e.g., chronograph (clock), chronology (sequential ordering), etc. It’s generic … cool sounding, but generic. It communicates nothing more about our device than it’s a timepiece; “fenix watch”. It would not help us stand out in a VERY crowded marketplace – already overusing Chronos – and it says nothing about our watch identity e.g., elegant, sophisticated, stylish (worth

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