Crack Short Story

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Jaden Garay English 2 Part 1Assignment 2 Short StoryIt was the year 1987 and a young man was born to a mother who was hooked on a drug sweeping through the black neighborhoods of our beloved nation, Crack. The woman was named Coleen who had priorities all jacked up, she loved dudes who were flashy wearing the Gucci sneakers, you know the red, green and whites. Addicted to chains, the cars and whoever was moving the most yay. This was essentially her downfall, as she became addicted to dudes who loved nothing other than the money, she fell into another addiction. That addiction was crack. She loved cracked so much that she found herself sleeping with any and everybody that would give her money to support her habit. Two years later she found…show more content…
This set off a spark in the young brain of Colin. Colin asked his adopted family “why are they beating him so bad. He is not even fighting back. Those cops should be punished” His parents responded “Well Colin its some things in this world we have no control over, luckily with this video evidence these cops will be arrest and relieved of duty” A few months went by and the verdict was in, NOT GUILTY, all the cops were released free of charge and despite the video evidence of the cops beating this man to a bloody pulp they were set free. Colin got up quick and said “Mom, Dad, they said not guilty, how are they ever able to get away with this heinous act of violence” The mom and dad looked at each other with a face discern knowing they would have to inform Colin of the dark history in America and how today in 1993 some of that dark history still reign supreme. They informed Colin that because of the color of his skin people who look like him are often discriminated against and racially profiled and that there are several people here in America in which the constitution says“All people are created equal” will hate you based on the color of your skin. Colin who seemed depressed, was given reassurance that it was the 90’s and this way of thinking and these acts of injustices to people of a certain skin color would no longer be discriminated against again.About 17 years go by and now Colin, a graduate of the University of Nevada and a proud member of Kappa

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