Bill Gates: One Of The Most Important Role In Social Development

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Entrepreneurs are one of the most important roles in social development. Many countries have a lot of brilliant Entrepreneurs for example, Sony Corporation's author Akio Morita, Oracle Corporation's founder Larry Ellison, and General Electric Corporation's CEO Jack Welch. However, in 20 century a youngster successfully creates a computer system that changed all over the world. His name is Bill Gates, a person who creates a miracle. Why does he can become the one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs? I strongly believe that not only because of his love of computer programmers but also his innovative ideas and resources. Entrepreneurial genius----Bill Gates was born in a normal family in Seattle, Washington. He enjoyed his normal, active childhood and participated in sports. He developed his interesting in computer science and began to study computers when he was in the eighth grades at Seattle's Lakeside School. Mothers Club processed from Lakeside School rummage sale to buy the…show more content…
Gates established many different apartments to be responsible for different realms. Moreover, Gates invited his classmate Steve Ballmer to be Microsoft Corporation CEO and he went to the software apartment as Chief Software Architect who was responsible for software engineering. "I always knew I would have close business associates like Ballmer and several of the other top people at Microsoft, and that we would stick together and grow together no matter what happened," he says. "I didn't know that because of some analysis. I just decided early on that was part of who I was."(Gates) In conclusion, Bill Gates is a successful PC revolutionist that accelerated the speed of technological progress. Meanwhile, he is a philanthropist who created Bill and Miranda Foundation. He retired from his empire, but he still wants to help more people who come from all over the

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