A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis

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Flannery O’Connor wrote two novels and 32 short stories, as well as a number of reviews and commentaries. One of her short story’s “A Good Man Is Hard To find” Published May 12, 1955, expressing her thought on spiritual enlightenment and evolution (Kelley, 2008, para.1). Another person who expresses their understating of spiritual truth and evolution though was born during the Renaissance era. This man is known as Michelangelo; he expressed his thoughts on spiritual matters in visual from, his painting “The Creation of Adam” and “The Separation of Light from Darkness” painting’s illustrated science and religion as one, ( Pescovitz, 2010, para. 1) Showing man evolving spiritually and reaching salvation. How does the mind of Flannery O’Connor and Michelangelo mind meet at an understanding on spiritually? O’Connor indicated spiritual evolution by using a charter in her short story that is referred to as grandmother, O’ Connor has the position of god and creates a character by…show more content…
A person may see this in his painting called “The Separation of Light From Darkness” (Figure 1) when one looks at this painting that person may see that a brainstem is place where god’s Adams apple is drawn. Based upon the religion Michelangelo was taught as a kid the first man ever created by god was Adam. The brainstem illuminates the brain it is the conduit that allows a person to use one’s brain. In layman terms the brainstem is the beginning of the brain, the starting point and Adam was the starting point of man, the beginning. In the painting God is looking up in the direction where information resides, travels and comes from. Man is separated from darkness (unconsciousness) to light (consciousness) when man receives god’s gift. This may explain why he named this part of his master piece “Separation of Light From
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