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The reason of students homesickness who study abroad Homesickness is among the most frequently reported concerns of international college students. Leaving family, friends, and a home culture in pursuit of an academic opportunity abroad, international students frequently find themselves simultaneously grieving for missed persons and places, building new social networks, and adjusting to new cultural and environmental demands. It is therefore not surprising that upwards of 30% of international college students report frequent feelings of homesickness The transition from living at home to living away from home represents a significant transition for first-year college or university students. For many students, the experience is a stimulating adventure, both socially and intellectually.…show more content…
Although some new students have previous experience with travel, summer camp, or other trips away from home without parents, all students must all face the challenges of independently managing their lives; establishing new friends; adjusting to new schedules; and succeeding in various academic, athletic, and artistic pursuits. These and other challenges often instill self-doubt and force an uncomfortable recalibration of young adults’ academic and social self-concepts. The changes to new students’ routines, diets, social milieu, geographical setting, and perceived demands can induce intense homesickness. Recently, homesickness has begun to be studied as one of several acculturative stressors impacting individuals who experience cross-cultural transitions. According to Duru and Poyrazli, acculturative stress consists of mental and physical discomfort that ensues from experiencing a new culture. As with homesickness, loss of social support and important persons is regarded as integral to the experience of acculturative

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