Connie's Reputation

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"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" by Joyce Carol Oates; a short story about a young lady named Connie, yearning to break the embrace of a disapproving mother and her skewed, one-sided comparison to her sister, June. "Why don't you keep your room clean like your sister? How've you got your hair fixed—what the hell stinks? Hair spray? You do not see your sister using that junk." (p. 1, par. 2) Is exactly what defines Connies motivation to look outward for some twisted salvation. Coupled with the perfect storm of teenage angst and rebellion Connie exposes herself to unknown demons and evil; Does this possibly regress her from victim to a pure negligent perpetrator? Connie's vanity and immaturity are apparent from the onset, "Stop gawking at yourself. Who are you? You think you're so pretty?" (p.1, par. 1) It's not clear here if Connie's mother is jealous of her daughter good looks because her's is, in fact, fading or she's just worried that Connie will…show more content…
They strike once they're at the shopping plaza; Haphazardly bereft of parental promises they scurry across the highway to a drive-in eatery. Here they meet an older crowd, more to their liking, but they ignore the unworthy to boost their confidence; just before entering their version of Mecca, Connie and her friends meet a boy named Eddie. After some small talk, he offers her a bite to eat. Reluctantly she leaves her friend behind but Eddie reassures her "that she wouldn't be alone for long." (pg. 1, par. 7) But Here, in a place so holy, lies a predatorial monster. This creature resides in the shape of a human man; their eyes meet as she walks with Eddie and she struggles to look away; he cracks a smile and whispers to her, "Gonna get you, baby," (p. 1, par. 7) ominously as she passes. Unbeknownst to our protagonist Connie that was a promise not just some idle
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