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This is reflection of my attendance at Liverpool Local Court on the 23th September, this essay will focus on what I observed at the court and the application of the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007. The argument of Michael Easley, that domestic violence orders (AVOs) is one of the major apparatus in ensuring that all persons are safe. As I observed and meditated, AVOs applications were high and instigated by persons who needs to be protected (PINOP). Prior to the commencements of the court proceedings, police officers had to call out people who sought for protection. Bearing in mind that AVOs are divided into two types- ADVO (domestic relationships) and APVO (non-domestic relationship). All those who applied followed the similar…show more content…
Therefore, it can be put that even if breaches of AVOs happen all the time, they are yet effective for PINOPs. On the other hand, legal experts play important roles in court processes. I noticed the magistrate and other professionals considering the interests of the PINOP and at some point the offender equally. The court demonstrated necessary steps to makes sure that there is sufficient evidence by the prosecution to establish that a risk is possible for the victim in the future. However, there may be a contestation of orders if the offender believes that they are not guilty of the alleged offence, as I witnessed with a couple of offenders. It is legal for an accused to defend oneself against an offence that did or did not occur, but on reasonable basis. In relation to victims and offenders of domestic violence (DV), I witnessed that they come from a low socio-economic class. The Australian Bureau of Statistics data (2013) indicated that a connection exists between lower socio-economic background and the high risk of interpersonal violence. This connection is a clear departure from common thoughts of cultural violence, where gender inequality and application of force can exist. It was difficult to see children present at court as victims of family violence depending on other relatives ADVOs for protection. (s36). Attending DV court has given me an experience about different things that come up in such cases. I have known that it is a sensitive topic to those affected. I must accredit the courts for the steps they take to ensure safety of community members within and without domestic settings. Justice system played a major role in defeating gender inequality and power imbalance in relationships. Even though issues of DV still exist, the law applies equally to

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